Rad Sandbox 2023



This is the Rad Sandbox download. It includes Rad Sandbox 2023 and several updated and new templates to help you easily create and launch your 3D games.


What you can do:


  • Make 3D games with the included Rad Sandbox Game Creation app.
  • Make Games with NO CODING AT ALL
  • Learn from the included help files for Rad Sandbox so that you can make very complicated games using scripting with the built in editor.
  • Get free updates when they become available.
  • Get dozens of free templates, models, animations included.
  • Get access to dozens of game templates, models, scripts and more as an owner of the software.
  • Get access to new templates and project contents as they are created.
  • Make games with the built in compiler and distribute them as you please.

Rad Sandbox is not like Unity or Unreal. You can make some very cool games with it but let’s be realistic. Rad Sandbox is geared more toward retro gaming. Building games that you can play, enjoy, tweak, share with friends and generally have a blast creating and playing. I have made games with both Unity and Unreal. Hours and hours and days and weeks of work coding, creating, and when you finally learn how to use it and build a game with it? You have to pay for the right to sell it, even though you made it.

With Rad Sandbox there is nothing else to pay for. You own it. You also own what you create with it, and you can sell it of give it away as you choose.

!NOTE! This download is available immediately after purchase. This download is over six gigabytes and will take some time to download from our server if you have a slow connection speed.

Check out these Rad Sandbox Videos for Rad Sandbox Game Maker Builds. Geo Dell – RAD Sandbox Demo – YouTube

Here is a video collection of some of the models you will get with RAD Sandbox : Direct X Models

More Rad Sandbox Videos: Rad Sandbox Game Builds and template uses

A game build series of three videos: OneTwoThree


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